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Vidirectory Launch Pads:

This is the most dynamic online presence available for North American businesses today. We have combined the benefits of a Business Listing, a Social Media Profile Page and a Video Channel and have put them all together in one incredible product.

All of our Video Launch Pads includes our ViSEO (Video Search Engine Optimization) technology which means they each get good Google® rankings for local key-word searches. This feature provides outstanding value to all businesses and is the core attribute of our Launch Pad product.

Ignite your Launch Pad today!

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ViDirect Marketing:

This is a revolutionary social media lead generation service that gives businesses never before access to all local activity on Twitter®. We monitor local Twitter® activity on behalf of the business, and interact with anyone who has expressed either an implicit or explicit interest in that business’ product and/or service.

In real-time, we then direct the consumer right to the merchant’s door. In addition to increasing the amount of Twitter® followers a business has this service is designed to grow a business’ customer base and increase productivity.

Don’t know much about Twitter®? Not a problem. Getting an account created is included and we take care of everything after that. You just sit back and watch the leads roll in.

Get ViDirected today!

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Vidirectory Video Production:

Statistics have shown that video content is the most consumed form of media on the Internet today. It is also a fact that video is one of the most effective ways to build brands and market products and services. We at Vidirectory have made it possible for ALL businesses to take advantage of this with our affordable HD Video Production service.

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Vidirectory VPromo:

The VPromo Toolbox allows businesses to create and add specific promotions to their Launch Pad. When a visitor comes to the Launch Pad, the promotion will pop up as the first thing they see.

Once the promotion is created, Vidirectory sends traffic to your Launch Pad by creating a comprehensive online marketing campaign. This campaign will be enhanced by a presence on social media such as Facebook, Pintrest and Tumblr.

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